Lynne Cox



Lynne Cox |

Lynne is a creative individual with an analytical mind and strong leadership skills. She is an architect looking to expand her professional achievements beyond the construction industry into manufacturing and product development.

Lynne excels at producing considered strategy, improvements in operational efficiency, and delivering innovative solutions. She is well suited to a role, which leads the iterative development of consumer-focused products; formulates strategic routes to market; and fosters collaboration as part of an imaginative and skilled team.

Lynne is currently engaged in an executive placement at MAKAR Construction, a growing architect-led construction business specialising in the manufacture of innovative off-site fabrication systems made from Scottish timber. Lynne is developing marketing strategy for MAKAR's ecologically sustainable housing based on lessons learned at Babson College, and her experiences on placement with a multi-national email marketing company in Boston.

Before becoming a Saltire Fellow Lynne co-founded Tog Studio, a radical self-build teaching programme for architects and engineers, whose work has won national GIA Design Awards and featured at the New York Architecture Film Festival. Lynne's other professional achievements include leading the production of national exhibitions and driving online content for Architecture + Design Scotland, and developing and patenting an innovative plasterboard substitute from waste paper.

Upon completion of the Saltire Fellowship Lynne will be seeking board level experience, and a strategic role in a high-growth manufacturing company that makes high quality Scottish products, whilst supporting a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.