Erwan Lejeune



Erwan Lejeune |

Erwan is a specialised Project Leader in the field of Biology with over 5 years first-hand experience of co-ordinating and delivering research projects of international scale.

Graduating in 2003 from Rennes University, France with a Masters in Biology and Health, Erwan went on to complete a PhD in Biology at the world-class European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) research institute in Germany. Through EMBL's advanced research training he developed numerous essential managerial skills including critical thinking, teamwork and leadership.

Upon completion of his degree Erwan joined the Allshire laboratory at Edinburgh University to study genetic mutations that predispose cancer. It was here that he obtained a prestigious Marie Curie fellowship to pioneer cutting-edge imaging research. As a result of this accolade he frequently delivered high quality reports on activities for funding committees, conceived and developed innovative microscopy and biochemical techniques and co-authored research reviews published in high-impact factor scientific journals.

Erwan believes that research projects translated into business ideas play a vital role in enhancing innovation and knowledge-based economies and that his participation in the Saltire Foundation Fellowship programme will help to sharpen his understanding of the corporate world.