PATRON - Mark Beaumont

Mark's vision, determination and successes are an inspiration to all who seek to fulfil their potential.


MarkMark Beaumont is a BBC documentary maker, best selling author and acclaimed public speaker. He is also a Saltire Foundation alumni, who worked an internship at Liberty Mutual in Boston, whilst studying Economics and Politics at Glasgow University.

Mark became famous for his documentary 'The Man who Cycled the World,' and book by the same name, which told the story of his 18,000 mile round-the-world bike race, where he smashed the previous World Record by a staggering 82 days. Just a year later, Mark set out on his second ultra-endurance expedition, to cycle the length of the American Cordillera - the largest mountain range on the planet. As well as cycling 13,000 miles, Mark climbed the two highest peaks in North and South America. In 2008 Mark was named 'Graduate of the Year' by Glasgow University and in 2010 won the 'Top Scot' award at the prestigious Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland Awards.

Mark3"I am passionate about developing an ambitious and entrepreneurial spirit in Scotland. I believe in following your dreams and always keeping the fire in your belly alive. Education is important, skills are essential, but it's the personal ownership of your path in life, the willingness to take risks and having confidence to stand out from the crowd that marks real success. The Saltire Foundation is a unique stage for young people to develop their ambitions with an international mindset and to become the next generation of business leaders. My internship with the Saltire Foundation was a real turning point in my life, as it gave me the confidence to take on my greatest expedition ideas."

In September 2011 Mark successfully completed a rowing expedition through the Canadian Artic with five other team members. Mark acted as the BBC cameraman as well as the oars and the group managed to reach the 1996 position of the Magnetic North Pole on Ellef Ringnes Island.

Mark's biggest adventure of 2012 nearly had tragic consequences. In January 2012 he joined a team of 6 in an attempt to break the mid Atlantic ocean rowing record. For the first 27 days the two triple scull teams rowed in two hour shifts, 24 hours a day and despite poor trade winds managed to make fast progress. The sub 30 day dream proved impossible without better weather conditions, however, breaking the World Record still looked possible. Then, at the start of day 28 disaster struck when a wave capsized Sara G and the crew faced the fight of their lives. The Nord Taipei, a Taiwanese cargo vessel managed to reach them in 14 hours and completed a dangerous night-time rescue.

To follow Mark's expeditions go to or follow him on twitter @MrMarkBeaumont Mark's portrait is by India Fullarton